Relationship Advice: I Like Them Both, But I Don’t Know Who I Should Choose!

Woman sends a letter asking for relationship advice because she doesn’t know if she should go for lover #1 or lover #2. 

Hey LD,

I am dating two boys and they know that I am dating both of them. It’s been going on for almost a year now and I thought they were okay with it, but yesterday they asked me to choose. I don’t know who I should go for because I have feelings for both of them.

Guy #1 is hot with a bad boy kind of vibe, but he’s secretly sweet. He takes me on adventures and he makes me feel special because he ignores all the other women chasing him. Guy #2 is sweet, kind, intelligent, he makes me laugh all the time! But he’s a little nerdy. I like the two of them, I have feelings for both guys but if I choose I’m going to lose one of them. I don’t want that to happen! What should I do? I can’t choose! – Bewildered

Relationship Advice:

Hey Bewildered,

You have an interesting love life, but to be honest with you – don’t choose any of them. It’s simple, really. You can feel the same way for two people but never on the same level. There’s always one that you like more than the other. Refusing to choose for fear that you might lose one of them is selfish and unfair.

Relationship Advice: I Like Them Both, But I Don't Know Who I Should Choose!

You can feel something for two people at the same time, but never on the same level.

If it were me, I’d choose Guy #2 because he can make you laugh plus he’s sweet, smart and kind. Guy #1’s qualities are seductive, but the bad boy yet secretly sweet act can get old over time. If you really liked both of them, you shouldn’t have put them through this for almost a year. Sure, it’s good for your ego and it’s nice to feel like you are desired by many, but that feeling doesn’t even compare to having just one who would want you only for themselves. Someone who adores you and loves you unconditionally.

None of you deserve this kind of confusion and it’s probably best to let go of both than to choose one of them. The fact is, if they really meant something to you or you really felt something for at least one of them, you would’ve already made your choice all by yourself.

I hope this helps! If not, feel free to write again 🙂

What would you have done if you were in bewildered’s position?

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Relationship Advice: I Broke Her Heart, But Now I Want Her Back!

Man seeks relationship advice after breaking his girl’s heart.

Hey LD,

I like this girl. I probably love her, but I broke her heart and I am regretting it now. We started going out 3 years ago then we broke up after a year of dating. Our situation just got boring and tiring so I left her and she started seeing somebody else.

A year ago, we started to reconnect but she was still dating the same guy. I got her to break up with him so we can hook up then I dumped her again after. I ignored her for a little bit to play hard to get, but I find out that she’s dating another guy. Now, I want her back! I tried to call her, text her and leave messages on her in every social media account she has, but she blocked me! I am starting to think that it was a mistake to ignore her. Is there anything you can do to help me? – Full of regrets

Relationship Advice:

Hey Full of regrets,

Thank you for taking the time to share your dilemma.

Well, it sounds like you have finally realized you have feelings for her but you aren’t ready to admit it to yourself. You don’t want to admit it to yourself. I’m guessing this girl wore her heart on her sleeves, but you decided that you just want to keep her around when you were bored and you needed some ego boost. This is unfair and degrading to a woman who did nothing but care for you and maybe stood by your side even when you did not need it.

Relationship Advice: I Broke Her Heart, But Now I Want Her Back!

She left because she no longer wanted a confused man to waste her time.

She’s finally moved on from you after you lead her on for years and by blocking you, you should take the hint. She wants you out of her life and she wants you to leave her alone. Respect that. Give her that at least since you did not respect her in the past. If you really want her in your life that bad, I’d urge you to make a bold move and get out of your way to see her. But if you don’t feel like doing any of that, just leave it the way it is. Leave her alone and let her be happy.

It’s time for you to move on as well. Maybe this girl was just put in your path so you can realize that you are probably ready to be in a relationship. You met her so you’ll learn and know what kind of woman you need to be with. Next time you do realize you like someone, stop playing games and just be straightforward about your feelings so you don’t wind up in the same situation again.


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