Relationship Advice: My Girlfriend Caught Me Texting My Ex-Girlfriend And Accuses Me Of Cheating!

Relationship Advice: My Girlfriend Caught Me Texting My Ex-Girlfriend And Accuses Me Of Cheating!

In the past Relationship Advice Wednesdays, we’ve had love struck friends wondering what to do with his girlfriend who is mistreating him. There’s that guy who took his girl for granted, but wants her back. Then we got the girl who was torn between two lovers.

Well this week, we’ve got a letter from a guy who has been accused of cheating after his girlfriend caught him texting his ex. Let’s hear his story:

Hey LD,

My girlfriend and I just had a huge fight! She caught me texting my ex and now she’s accusing me of cheating on her. I wasn’t kissing my ex or going on dates with her. I haven’t even slept with her in months since we broke up. How can that be cheating? –Not A Cheater

Relationship Advice:

Hey Not A Cheater,

Let’s get down to brass tacks. Cheating… What is cheating? Sure, the definition of this horrible act is subjective, but you betrayed your girlfriend’s trust. You said she “caught” you texting, it means that you never told her that you were talking to your ex. You probably didn’t even want to tell her or want her to know because it might “hurt” her. Well, the fact that you already did. You entertaining your ex behind your new girlfriend’s back is an act of dishonesty. Dishonesty is one of the many branches of cheating.

I do not blame your girlfriend if she gets mad at you or if she even breaks up with you. You broke her trust and now she feels like she’s just a second option. By the way, it is a known fact that you do not have to engage in sexual intercourse to consider it cheating. What is your business texting your ex anyway? Do you still have feelings for her? Do you still love her? An ex is an ex for a reason, your relationship ended because something was not working. You’ve both been broken up for months, why didn’t you guys keep in contact during the times you were both available?

Your ex might just be trolling your new relationship to know if you’re still into her and she just needs a little ego boost. Don’t feed the troll. If you still love your ex, do your new girlfriend a favor and let her go. She deserves someone better than you.

If you love your new girlfriend, you need to apologize to her and assure her there’s nothing going on with you and your ex. Tell her you’re an idiot for even doing it, you’re not going back to your ex and she’s not a second option.

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As for your ex, cut her off. You don’t need someone who can potentially put a wedge between your relationship with your new girlfriend. Leave the past in the past and move forward by nurturing your new relationship.

I hope this helps!

If not, feel free to write again.

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