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Dear Women, Here Are 6 Things Men Wish They Could Tell Us But Can’t

Relationship advice for women who need help figuring out and understanding the things men can’t say upfront.

Dear Women, Here Are 6 Things Men Wish They Could Tell Us But Can'tDo you ever wonder what your man or best guy friend is thinking? Of course, we are their bestfriends! All we want is for the men in our lives to trust us, tell us their fears, their hopes and dreams, everything! Even the little things that may be bothering them about us.

Plus, communication is key.

In a perfect world, that wouldn’t be a problem and our lives would be easier, but…

Let’s face it:

Sometimes we get offended and we get mad when they tell us the truth then it could lead to a fight. You know men, they just want peace and happiness. They don’t want to fight with us! They’re lovers, not fighters (or at least most of the men in my life now).

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That’s why today, I’m sharing some relationship advice for women from men!

Relationship Advice For Women #1 : They Like To Be Pampered, Too

Men are strong and because they’re strong, we think they don’t need pampering. Well, not everyone deserves it especially if you’re dating someone who takes you for granted. But if your man treats you right, you should not think twice or wait for him to ask you to pamper him.

Dear Women, Here Are 6 Things Men Wish They Could Tell Us But Can't

Although there’s a thin line between pampering him and smothering him, you should take heed. Good thing there are ways to set those two apart!

Shower him with daily doses of love by asking him how his day was, cooking for him or giving him a massage. If you want to know more ways to pamper your man, just click the link below:

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Relationship Advice For Women #2 : Personality Is More Important Than Looks

You may be familiar with this quote:

Beauty attracts the eye, but personality captures the heart.

It is a universal fact that attraction starts when we see someone who is physically attractive. Our next step is to get to know the person, right?

But what if after getting to know them, we discover they’re not the kind of person we imagined? What if they don’t have a pleasing personality?

You guessed it right. Personality is just as important.

This is not only true for men, but for women as well. The thing is, the more we mature, physical appearance becomes less important and we look for someone who is charming and has a great personality that complements ours.

While it’s good to take care of your physical appearance, invest in your skills and talents – focus on personal development. This will earn you a lot of beauty points!

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Relationship Advice For Women #3 : Don’t Force Them To Change Into Someone They’re Not

Dear Women, Here Are 6 Things Men Wish They Could Tell Us But Can't

You are with the man that you’re with because you love him for who he is. Loving someone for who they are means that you accept them quirks and all.

But if you’re only dating them so you can fix them or change them into someone else, then you are in a relationship for the wrong reasons. You probably shouldn’t be in one either.

Don’t try to fix your lover because they’re not broken and that is an insult to the person you are dating. You also shouldn’t try to change them into your own version of Christian Grey so you can become the envy of other girls.

It’s never going to work.

Value him, love him, respect him and accept him for his authenticity. It’s a compliment if they show you who they really are because these days? It’s rare to find someone who’d be willing to bare their naked soul and share it with you.

Relationship Advice For Women #4 : Don’t Keep Them Guessing

Time and again, men have expressed the fact that they are not psychics and they can’t give us what they want if we keep them guessing. We want to know what’s going on in their minds? They want to know what’s going on inside ours, too.

Communication is key. Remember?

If they did something to upset us or we want something from them, we need to say it to them directly. It’s the only way to clear the air and avoid misunderstandings.

Don’t let pride get in the way.

If you two don’t agree on what you asked them for or what you told them, you can always reach to an agreement or a compromise. That’s how mature people handle relationships and that’s how gracious women deal with their men.

Relationship Advice For Women #5 : Nagging Is Unattractive

Let me tell you why nagging is not effective when you want your man to listen to you or cooperate with you.

Dear Women, Here Are 6 Things Men Wish They Could Tell Us But Can't

  • Nagging is not sexy, it’s toxic.
  • Men tune out when you’re nagging.
  • You are treating the other person like a child not an adult.
  • It drives you apart.
  • Nagging does not accomplish anything.

If you want to repel everyone else, nagging is the way to go. But if you want them to listen to you and get them to cooperate, just ask respectfully. You may need to remind them from time to time, but trust your man. He has his ways and he’ll get it done.

Relationship Advice For Women #6 : Don’t Dumb Yourself Down For A Guy You Like

I am totally guilty of this when I was younger. There were a few guys that I liked in the past and they all had one thing in common…

They always ran the other way the moment they heard me talking about science, politics or even just the meaning of our existence.

I don’t know, i just like deep conversations. That didn’t work, so I decided to dumb myself down to make them like me. You know what? That. Was. Stupid.

Worst decision ever!

What I learned from that experience though is that – we shouldn’t dumb ourselves down for anybody to like us. Guys who are intimidated by smart women are still boys.

He tells you he doesn’t like you because you’re some kind of nerd? Screw that! Walk away and never look back. The right people will like us for the smarty pants that we.

According to my best guy friends – intelligent women are super sexy.

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These things I have mentioned are just few of the many things that men wish we knew. I hope this helps in improving your relationship with your man or even just your best guy friend!

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