Relationship Advice: He Chose Her Over Me

Relationship Advice – He Chose Her Over Me

Woman seeks comfort and asks for relationship advice about her boyfriend leaving for another woman.

Hey LD,

I am so heartbroken right now because my boyfriend just left me to get back with his ex girlfriend. They were together for 3 years and broke up 3 months ago.

We were already dating for a couple of months and he told me he was over her! A month ago, we ran into her at a restaurant and everything just went downhill from there.

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He started cancelling on me, he wouldn’t take my calls or return them and whenever we hung out he was always on his phone texting and smiling. I had a feeling it might be his ex, but he told me it was just his brother when I asked him.

I ignored it, I trusted him even when I felt something was off.

The next day, I saw him inside a coffee shop and he looked like he was having fun. He was… with his ex! I freaked out and rushed inside to confront them both. He had me thrown out the establishment and I never heard from him again! He removed me from Facebook and he even blocked me. I can’t see him on instagram anymore and he did the blocking all in the same day!

Relationship Advice: He Chose Her Over Me

Today, a common friend said that he and his ex are back together. I am hurt and I want to get him back from that homewrecker! I want him back and at the same time I don’t. What should I do???? – Alone and Undesired

Relationship Advice:

Hey Alone and Undesired,

I’m sorry to hear about your situation, but honestly? Just move on. I am not going to give you some BS advice to go after him, take him from that woman so you can live a happy ever after. Even if you do, it won’t be a happy ending… it’ll just be an ending. A prolonged one.

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This relationship with him wasn’t a real relationship, it was just a rebound. It wasn’t meant to last because you were the rebound girl in this picture. The reason why he didn’t think twice about leaving you and getting back with the ex is he was never over her in the first place. They were still in love with each other.

Whatever their reason for breaking up was, being with you or other people made them realize they love each other or they were meant to be. So don’t bother getting him back, you don’t want to be with a guy who would treat you like that! He threw you away like you’re something disposable. Don’t go after him, leave them be because they deserve each other for making you look like a fool.

For now, you need to heal, respect and take care of yourself so you can find someone who will value you as well.

Do you think this was helpful? If you were me, what advice would you have given her?

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