Happy Couple Secrets - Are You Doing These Things To Make Your Relationship Last?

Happy Couple Secrets – Are You Doing These 8 Things To Make Your Relationship Last? (Plus A Secret Bonus Added)

I bet you when you see a cute and happy couple you wonder: how lucky are they to find each other? They are so in love and they seem like they have it all figured out.

How are they making it work? How are they making their relationship last?

Do you want to know their secret?

Read on to find out how happy couples make their relationships last!

Happy Couple Secret #1: They Give Each Other Compliments

Happy Couple Secrets - Are You Doing These Things To Make Your Relationship Last?

Happy couples compliment each other from time to time. It’s a good ego booster, but most importantly, trading compliments is a great way to keep the romance alive. Plus, it just feels good when you know a simple gesture like that can paint a smile on your girlfriend/boyfriend’s face.

Happy Couple Secret #2: They Say Thanks

Happy couples are naturally grateful people. No matter how busy their day can be, they always see to it that they say “thank you” to each other even if it’s just about little things. I always say thank you to my guy everyday for picking up food for the week or he thanks me for cooking his food. We just express how grateful we are because demonstrating gratitude is another way of showing how happy we are in our union.

Happy Couple Secret #3: They Greet Each Other With A Kiss

Happy Couple Secrets - Are You Doing These Things To Make Your Relationship Last?

Sharing a kiss has a warm and welcoming effect that can send positive reverberations through your relationship.

Happy couples greet each other hello and goodbye with a kiss. There’s something about that gesture that just makes you feel at home and warm. Imagine coming home and being welcomed with a kiss? Without so many words, you know it translates to “I’m happy to see you!” or if you’re leaving for work it could also mean “I’ll miss you.”

For people who have a different love language, kissing is their way of expressing their feelings and affection. If they are the type who don’t say much, remember – actions speak louder than words. *wink*

Happy Couple Secret #4: They Never Miss A Chance To Give Each Other Hugs

Happy couples take at least 5 minutes to hug each other in the morning or even before going to bed. This type of physical affection is just another way of showing and expressing love without saying so much. Plus, hugging is a focused moment with you and your partner that brings warm and fuzzy feelings inside.

Happy Couple Secret #5: They Do Stuff Together

Happy Couple Secrets - Are You Doing These Things To Make Your Relationship Last?

Happy couples have hobbies that they do together. It can be reading a book, watching a movie, cooking or even cleaning the house. Doing stuff together makes you bond, it improves intimacy and it promotes better teamwork between the two of you. After all, it takes two to tango in a relationship, might as well extend it by doing regular activities together.

Happy Couple Secret #6: They Tell Each Other Sweet Nothings

Happy couples text each other sweet nothings just for the sole purpose of making each other smile or even melt. While making grand gestures to express your love for each other is romantic, whispering/telling each other sweet nothings is a classic that never gets old. It’s a simple gesture with big rewards! Personally, it still makes my heart flutter when my guy does it to me.

Happy Couple Secret #7: They Spoil Each Other

Happy Couple Secrets - Are You Doing These Things To Make Your Relationship Last?

No matter how long you’ve been together, happy couples still spoil each other. It doesn’t always have to be material spoilage, something as simple as breakfast in bed, doing laundry, folding it and putting the clothes away is an inexpensive way to spoil your girlfriend/boyfriend. Unconsciously, you’re both competing to see who can be nicer and this could even help you guys fall in love with each other everyday.

Happy Couple Secret #8: They Explore New Things

This can also fall under #4, but this one needs to be explained a little more.

One of the best ways to explore new things is to travel together. Not only are you going to discover new places, you’re also going to experiencing new things or even awaken the daredevils inside you in your new adventure.

Exploring new things gives you a chance to get to know your partner once more and it can uncover a different side of them that you’ve never seen before. You’ll discover new things about each other which can bring you closer, strengthen your bond and intimacy.

BONUS: They Cuddle While They’re Sleeping

Happy Couple Secrets - Are You Doing These Things To Make Your Relationship Last?

Do you cuddle or spoon while you sleep? This doesn’t require too much explanation. Let’s just say it’s a good way to end the day. Laying in bed and going to sleep with the love of your life? You guessed it right. I’d call it a dream come true!

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