The Art Of Personal Magnetism – Top 9 Habits Of Highly Charismatic People

Fact: Charismatic people are super charming that’s why they are dubbed as one of the most successful people out there.

Top 10 Habits Of Highly Charismatic PeopleThere’s just something about them that’s so interesting that somehow they are able to draw you to them. It’s an inexplicable magnetic pull that we can’t point our finger on.

But here’s the kicker:

While it comes naturally to some people, it doesn’t mean you don’t have it in you, too.

There are ways for you to bring out your charismatic side, all you need is to practice the habits of socially magnetic people. Another way is to hone some of their qualities and characteristics that you already have in you.

Today, I’ll share the top 9 habits of highly charismatic people. Let’s dive in!

Charismatic People Smile A Lot

Charismatic people seem much more approachable because they smile a lot.

Why is that?

Well, smiling is often associated with positivity and enthusiasm. People who smile a lot tend to exude positive energy. They’re like a ray of sunshine and we are naturally drawn to people who display a positive attitude. This is the simplest and most basic habit you can start practicing. Add it to your daily routine!

Top 9 Habits Of Highly Charismatic People

Charisma Hack: Make smiling a habit. Smiling can make you feel good. When you feel good, you treat other people good and that’ll make them want to hang around you a lot.

They’re Humble

Charismatic people are fun to be around with because they aren’t arrogant.

Yes, I am saying that they are humble.

It’s easy to be around them because they won’t try to intimidate you. They’re confident, but they won’t shove their achievements to your face.

They don’t blow their own horns or prove that they’re God’s gift to humanity.

Self-centered bragging is not in their vocabulary and that’s because they have a high and healthy self-esteem.

Charisma Hack: Next time you’re in a room full of people, don’t be arrogant about your achievements or awards.

Don’t be obnoxious. Charismatic are enjoyable to be around with for a reason and that reason is – they don’t self-important.

Charismatic People Are Genuinely Interested In Other People

Top 9 Habits Of Highly Charismatic People

Being genuinely interested in other people doesn’t mean you should stick your nose into their business.

Charismatic people have a sense of openness that when you talk to them you feel like they you can tell them everything – which is true. They are the kind of people who would listen to you and they won’t judge you at all.

You know they’re not faking their interest because they’re naturally curious about you or what you have to say.

In short, charismatic people aren’t just genuinely interested in people – they make you feel like you’re really interesting, too.

Charisma Hack: When you strike up a conversation with someone, ask them about themselves. Let them tell their stories and listen to what they have to say.

Don’t dive in to the personal stuff unless they open up to you. Start asking about their day, what they like to do on their free time or ask them about their interests and hobbies – this will make them feel like what they say matters.

They Pay Attention

Charismatic people are physically and mentally present when they’re with you.

They will listen to you when you talk, they’ll pay attention to what you have to say because they want you to feel connected to them.

They also want to connect with you so they put their phones away and focus on you, nothing else. It’s also a sign of respect to that person that you are talking to.

Charisma Hack: When talking to people, don’t check your phone or let your mind wander somewhere else.

Give people the gift of your full attention because this will make them remember you and it’ll make them want to be around you more.

Charismatic People Have Sense Of Humor

Do you have a friend who has great sense of humor? Aren’t they more enjoyable to be around with?

They’re charming and charismatic because they make people feel good using their great sense of humor. They tell great stories, they laugh and they make people laugh, too.

It’s like simply being with them helps you release endorphins (the happy hormone).

The Art Of Personal Magnetism - Top 9 Habits Of Highly Charismatic People

Charisma Hack: This might be a little difficult, but it’s totally doable. Being funny comes naturally to people, but sometimes it’s a skill that you can learn.

You need to master two things: Timing and delivery. You can tell a really funny joke, but say it the wrong time and the wrong way can ruin it.

How do you do it?

  • Feel the room and the people around you. Make sure you are in a setting where it’s appropriate to tell a joke and the people are in the mood for it.
  • Master timing and delivery. Tell a joke that’s related to the topic of conversation and practice how to say a joke the right way. Watch stand up comedies or funny movies then observe the actors when they insert the joke and how they say it.
  • Be careful about the jokes you choose. You can tell jokes about yourself or about a celebrity/politician, but don’t tell jokes that are offensive such as physical or mental disabilities, physical appearance or shortcomings and/or oppressed groups.

They Admit When They Make Mistakes

Charismatic people are confident, but they know when to be vulnerable. Insanely charming people aren’t perfect, they tell people that. Yet, despite their admission of their mistakes, failures and imperfection people don’t start to run the other way – they like them even more.

Being vulnerable isn’t easy especially now that one video capturing your mistake can go viral and people will start judging and criticizing you. It’s a fear that we all have, but there’s a study that says being vulnerable actually makes you more likable.

Today, imperfections, failures and vulnerability are superpowers that trigger likability.

Charisma Hack: Overcome you fear of being judged and criticized for being imperfect, own it.

People will not only like you, but your story can be powerful enough to inspire people. They may also aspire to be you.

Charismatic People Lift Other People Up

The Art Of Personal Magnetism - Top 9 Habits Of Highly Charismatic People


Charismatic people are often the greatest leaders.

What do leaders do?

They don’t take credit or hog the spotlight for themselves, they shine it on others. When they see any potential in you, they will encourage you to pursue it and even sharpen your skills so you can be better at it.

They appreciate the things that you do, they make other people feel accomplished and important.

Charisma Hack: When other people succeed (especially people part of your team at work, etc), recognize their success and give credit where credit is due.

Don’t hesitate to give praise without expecting anything in return and empower them when they need it.

Charismatic People Are Compassionate

People who are compassionate are also empathetic and they posses two kinds of empathy:

Positive and negative empathy.

When you have something going good with you, they don’t get jealous – they get excited for you!

Whether you decided to leave the corporate world to travel to go backpacking, you got a promotion or you won the lottery, they’ll be supportive and be happy for you.

As for negative empathy, charismatic people will comfort you when you’re not feeling like a million bucks. They’ll comfort you when you’re feeling down because you got laid off or they have a family member who passed away.


Charisma Hack: Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes so that you can understand what they’re feeling.

By doing this, you’d also know how other people would react, deal or comfort you when you’re going through something good or bad.

They Make Eye Contact

One of the most important aspects of communication is eye contact.

Not only does making eye contact increase your face-to-face interactions, charismatic people do it to connect to their audience and add a personal touch.

The Art Of Personal Magnetism - Top 9 Habits Of Highly Charismatic People

Our eyes are the windows to our soul, when we make eye contact to the person we are talking to – it allows us to connect with them even more. We’re able to tell if the person we are talking to understood our message.

It’s an easy way to show attention and establish connection with the person/people you are talking to.

Charisma Hack: Avoiding eye contact is sometimes a tell that we are hiding something or we are lying. Other times, it may convey that we are insecure.

But eye contact is also one of the gestures that tell people you’re paying attention to them or listening intently, practice the following:

  • Practice realigning your natural gaze to the bridge of their nose. (This will give the illusion of eye contact)
  • Practice eye contact with yourself in the mirror
  • Practice open body language that conveys you are listening actively

The Art Of Personal Magnetism - Top 9 Habits Of Highly Charismatic PeopleThere you go, the 9 habits of highly charismatic people. I prepared this to help shy people who want to learn how to be more confident and charming. I hope this helped!

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Self Care 101 – 10 Simple And Easy Ways To Become A Better And Happier Person

Self care is not an unfamiliar concept if you are aiming for a happy and healthy life. It sounds easy, but it’s also a little difficult at the same time. Caring for yourself comes when you also like and love yourself yet self-loathing and insecurities still creep up every now and then.

Why does it do that?

Well, the journey to loving and caring for yourself is not always a pleasant trip, but there are many ways to take pleasure in it! Just because the ride may not be enjoyable, it doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make it fun, right?

Here are some simple and easy steps to help you enjoy your journey into becoming a healthy, happy and better person:

SELF CARE TIP #1: Wake Up Early And Wake Up With A Smile

Self Care 101 - 10 Simple And Easy Ways To Become A Better And Happier Person

You know there’s a popular saying that the early bird catches the worm, right? Start your AM the right way! Waking up early and welcoming the morning with a smile on your face has positive effects that can echo throughout the day. In fact, according to a study conducted by a biology professor – people who wake up early and welcome the day with a positive attitude are more likable because treat people better and they perform well at work as well.

SELF CARE TIP #2: Disconnect From Social Media

Social media has penetrated our lives that it’s already becoming a huge part of our daily routine. It can take up so much of our time, scrolling up and down your feed or even checking on people we shouldn’t be checking on.

Social media has now been embedded in our speech that if we really listen, we may hear ourselves utter the words “upload my picture, tag me in it, like my post, share it” – I know because I am guilty of that. This is also the reason why I deactivate from time to time.

Disconnecting from social media does not mean you are disconnecting from everyone else. It only means you are choosing to be more connected to the people who are around you, beside you and this can also help in strengthening your bond with your family and friends. It’ll also aid in improving your intimacy with your lover/spouse.

SELF CARE TIP #3: Stay Hydrated! Drink More Water.

Self Care 101 - 10 Simple And Easy Ways To Become A Better And Happier Person

It is a known fact that our bodies are made up of over 70% water. Staying hydrated is important because it helps us refresh our brain and other nervous system functions. When we get dehydrated even just as little as 1%, it can affect your memory, language and reasoning. Drinking water everyday can also help in flushing out toxins in your body! So drink water all day, every day!

SELF CARE TIP #4: Always Be Grateful

Being grateful even about the little things is an important virtue to practice daily. Slowing down and taking our time to remember all the beautiful things that we have been blessed with in our lives can emit positive energy to everyone around us. Whether it’s someone opening the door for you, your spouse doing your laundry for you or your sibling making you breakfast, don’t hesitate to show them your appreciation. Tell them how thankful you are for what they did for you and how grateful you are for having them in your life, it’ll make their day and yours, too.

SELF CARE TIP #5: Learn To Laugh At Yourself

Self Care 101 - 10 Simple And Easy Ways To Become A Better And Happier Person

Laughter is the best medicine, of course. But learning how to laugh at yourself when you make a mistake instead of being angry exhibits a healthy mental and emotional disposition. If you fell from your chair or you accidentally farted in front of everyone, don’t be frustrated or angered. It may be embarrassing, but you won’t give humiliation power over you if you just laugh at it and yourself. Give yourself a break, take it easy and live light!


SELF CARE TIP #6: Forgive And Forget

Holding grudges isn’t healthy for the heart or for the soul. In our life, we will cross paths with people who will take advantage of us or even walk all over us. Getting frustrated, hurt or angry is a normal reaction, but it’s better to just let go, forgive and forget even if they do not deserve it.

Sometimes we will never get the apology that we deserve, but we should forgive anyway. We forgive not because we’re weak, we forgive because we’re strong and we are more important than any negative thought or emotion. Negativity can cost us our peace and anything that costs us our peace is expensive and unworthy.

So forgive and forget because we can’t expect decency from cheap people. Plus, we deserve to live a peaceful life.

SELF CARE TIP #7: Keep A Journal

Self Care 101 - 10 Simple And Easy Ways To Become A Better And Happier Person

Sometimes we are too shy to open up to anyone or we don’t want to burden our loved ones with our problems. Keeping a journal to write down your secrets, your hopes, your dreams and aspirations can give you clarity. In your journal, you can release your emotions and take some load off of yourself. If you have any burden that you are unconsciously putting on yourself mentally and emotionally, just write it on your journal. Don’t keep it all to yourself, don’t bottle it up. If you don’t feel like talking, release all of it through your journal.

SELF CARE TIP #8: Never Settle For Anything Less Than Positive

Be kind to yourself. Be kind enough to know that you should not settle for anything less than you deserve. If something has been bothering you and your well-being, it would be best to eliminate it from your life.

We only have one life to live and letting other people’s negativity drain our lives and energy is not worth it.

In order to be a healthier and happier person, stay away from anything that no longer serves you or whatever that doesn’t bring you joy.

SELF CARE TIP #9: Welcome Change

Self Care 101 - 10 Simple And Easy Ways To Become A Better And Happier Person

Don’t be afraid of change. When you encounter change in your life, that’s a good thing because it means you are growing and evolving. You are entering a new phase or chapter in your life that can lead you to become a better person.

Change can be daunting, but it can also be fun and for every level we overcome in life – it will require a different version of us. So don’t be scared of change, be scared of staying the same.

SELF CARE TIP #10: Don’t Be Afraid To Go After What You Want

Sometimes we’d rather stay in one place and just daydream about the things that we want because we are too afraid to go after it. We are too afraid to fail!

Well, we shouldn’t be afraid of failure and rejection. We shouldn’t be afraid to take risks and go after anything that we want in life because if we don’t get it, it doesn’t mean we aren’t good enough… It only means that we need to try harder in order to achieve our dream.

If there’s anything I’ve learned in this life, it’s that rejection doesn’t mean we failed, it only means we need to be flexible with our methods without taking our eyes off the prize.

True failure happens when we stop going after the things that we’ve always wanted in life because we’re afraid of a little rejection. NO! Overcome your fears of rejection. Take risks, be persistent and work hard! Your goal won’t go anywhere, you will achieve it if you don’t stop. Dont. Ever. Stop. Chasing. It.

I hope you found this helpful! If you did, don’t forget to share it to your loved ones on Facebook. You can also tweet it! or Pin it!

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